#Representation Series Pt.6

#Representation Series Pt.6

Happy Pride month💜 We are continuing the series by highlighting LGBTQIA+ owned festival brands that are a must add to your rave closet! Click on their name to be taken to page.


Sauce Strap 

Is a Black Queer Neurodivergent owned rave brand that makes accessories for Ravers and Neurodivergents on top of donating money to different charities that serve marginalized communities each month that rotate.



An inclusive welcoming brand for anyone who wants to learn more about Kandi and buy almost any type of kandi product!!


Funktions of Nature 

Is non-binary owned rave brand that creates handmade sustainable festival clothing made with original fabrics. They are currently doing an artist series with @taayloroakesss, also a LGBTQ artist, that has created multiple prints to put on whicher design customers want for the entire month of pride!


Bass Babe Jewelry 

Queer autistic owned rave brand that specializes in unique custom made rave jewelry and accessories. 


Lolli Wraps 

Owned by Tiana and Mia, specialize in cruelty-free body harnesses, shibari rope and accessories. At Lolli Wraps, they strive to create a safe space to experiment, be yourself, or be somebody else.


Disco Lemonade 

What began as a feminist project that blossomed into the most colorful, sparkly, disco fairy handmade rave clothing. They donate monthly to the American Forests to help offset carbon emissions. Lem’s goal is to make everyone one feel like a rare beautiful gem when wearing these pieces.



Inspired by nature, these sustainable handmade rave fashion pieces are a comfortable staple to feeling like fellow rave faeries! 


Emboldxn The People 

Custom made wearable art handcrafted from 100% repurposed leather. Pieces that are made-to-order, Leah offers a template to explore personal aesthetic and affirm unique identity and sense of self.


Crucibel Conversion
Owned by Bella Breese to which she revamps and reworks clothing to create handmade festival fashion. A brand that has a little something for everyone.


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