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Hello hello everyone and welcome back to another installment of MKQ blogs!

This interview I am featuring today I’m beyond excited to share with you all. This interview is with someone who from the beginning saw so much potential and believed in both me and BDE. She’s amazingly kind, intelligent, funny, and has such a big heart. She speaks her own truth and is determined in her own plight, yet is not afraid to help others win. She’s a true girls’ girl. As a music journalist, writer, and costume shop owner she uses her platform to help others and spread love and independence.

This week I had the absolute honor of interviewing the inimitable Brittany Provost!! 1. Tell me a bit about yourself: Where are you from? What’s your background?

My name is Brittany Provost. I grew up in a small town in Ontario, Canada, called Petawawa – which is actually a military base. Seeing as how there wasn’t much to do, I was always really focused on my studies. I was also part of many clubs and committees. These experiences ultimately lead me to explore some of my creative passions, like writing.

One of my favourite escapes was music. Although I grew up listening to bands like Billy Talent and Rise Against, I distinctly remember discovering dance music thanks to Afrojack’s hit single ‘Take Over Control.’ As soon as I heard that track, I simply couldn’t wait to discover more similar artists! Not to mention, my dad would always blast Armin van Buuren and MC Mario during car rides.

I decided to continue to pursue my studies in French in Ottawa, Canada’s capital. Believe it or not, I was shy when I first arrived at my school’s residence. I didn’t know anyone and it was a completely new environment. As usual, I would focus on my studies and listen to music, but I felt like there was something missing. It wasn’t until I met a new friend that I slowly started to feel complete due to our common love of dance music. Shortly after, she brought me to my very first music festival. I believe my entire life was leading up to that moment. My heart was so full.

2. How did you get into and how long have you been in the edm scene?

I was first introduced to the dance music scene during my first year of college; so, nearly a decade now (I can’t believe that)! My very first event was at Escapade Music Festival. Looking back, it was an experience that I’ll cherish forever as it allowed me to view the world differently than I once did. It was a sort of awakening to see how accepting and kind everyone was towards each other. I quickly learned about “PLUR”; these are values I’ve shared and held close to my heart to this day.

Ever since that festival, I knew I had found where I was meant to be. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, music brings people together. The difference with dance music is that it unites a

community of likeminded individuals. We wholeheartedly love one another, no matter the person’s background. There’s something extremely special about being a raver – it’s hard to describe, but I believe everyone should experience it once in their lifetime.

3. What was your influence that encouraged you to start getting into music journalism?

You know, it’s funny how life works sometimes. Everything is connected one way or another. Over the years, I was very fortunate to attend so many memorable events; often times, I would even meet the DJs and producers due to the intimate club settings. During these experiences, it made me want to get to know the real person behind the artist, what each person’s role behind-the-scenes is, etc. I’m a sucker for knowledge – I’ve always considered myself to be a nerd of sorts, haha. So, that’s when I thought, “Why not combine my love of writing and passion for dance music?”

I had previously mentioned how things seem to be connected. Well, one day, I kept this idea in mind and came across an application to become a writer for EDMTunes. I figured I had nothing to lose; so, I gave it a shot and it ended up working out in my favour! There’s so much to say about this opportunity, but it led to some truly spectacular experiences (covering events and interviewing artists) as well as developing my professional skills. I will always be grateful.

As you can imagine, the community is somewhat tight knit so it allows for some relatively easy, yet impactful, networking opportunities. I’ve now worked with different companies in the scene, each offering their own benefits and special moments. Currently, I am still working with The Flag Gang and I’m loving every minute! It’s humbling to look back on my nearly a decade’s worth of hard work and reminiscing about how far I’ve come since being a baby raver. Never underestimate where your passions will lead you!

4. There’s a stigma that states to be an ideal rave girl you must look at certain way…what advice would you give to new women interested in rave culture on how to remain confident and comfortable in their own skin regardless of the stigma?

Truthfully, I find it unfortunate that we’ve gotten to a point where a stigma is in place. This community is built on “PLUR”; therefore, these values should already be implemented when it comes the body images of any raver, not just females. That said, I believe everyone’s main focus should be about the overall experience, not just about the typical outfits.

When I first started raving, I didn’t fully understand why women would dress a certain way. I think once you are made aware about why rave girls choose to express themselves through their outfits, this will unlock your own confidence. The community is a safe space to show the world who you truly are, so pick your outfits with that in mind. If you choose to wear bras, underwear, etc. that’s fully your choice, but don’t ever feel pressured to follow the crowd. Confidence comes from within, so be sure to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

5. Out of all the festivals you’ve attended, what is your favorite one to attend?

Each festivals or even shows offer a unique experience. As such, it’s hard to pinpoint one that stands out amongst the rest. However, there’s one festival that always brings me to tears when I reminisce…Tomorrowland – and I’m not even a crier! There’s something so touching about the entire world coming together for the sole purposes of living in the moment and enjoying music. The positivity and acceptance that radiated throughout the sacred grounds is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. If only the real world could be like it is at Tomorrowland…

6. Here at Rave Talks we stress the importance of Rave Safety.. Though I asked you briefly on the podcast from the perspective of you yourself, I wanted to know if there was any more you think could be done to ensure attendees safety from the standpoint of the event organizers or even djs or performers who have a platform in EDM?

I believe safety is something that can never be fully assured, yet we can be prepared for it. From an organizer standpoint, I believe they have one of the trickiest jobs in the industry. No one quite understands just how much goes into the preparation than someone who actually puts together an event of a certain magnitude. There are so many safety protocols and guidelines. Being over prepared is necessary. That said, do I think they could be doing more? Probably not. Most organizers religiously follow these safety measures and often think outside of the box to ensure the event is that much safer.

From a performer’s perspective, I do believe they can be doing more, although it’s not their sole responsibility. Often times, artists will have an earpiece to alert them of something urgent in nature. Although they might be caught up in the moment, they also have a relatively good view of the audience. That said, their on ground support should also be alert and attentive to the crowd’s needs. Everyone plays a part. Some moreso than others. We must ALL look out for one another.

7. What’s your favorite genre of edm/Favorite artist?

That’s the toughest question I’ll ever be asked, haha! House music is definitely my favourite genre though. When it comes to artists, I simply can’t choose. Unfortunately, most of my favourite producers seem to leave us far too soon (and young) – Avicii and i_o. All of their productions would be what my soul would sound like (if I had to try to explain it). If I really had to choose, I would say Oliver Heldens. When he’s on stage, the music just seems to effortlessly flow through him. It’s always a pleasure to watch him move and groove! I truly appreciate his willingness to branch out of his comfort zone and try new things too. His HI-LO alias is exceptional and it’s been a pleasure following his career – from artist, to label boss, etc. The sky’s the limit for him and it’s so remarkable to see how humble he still is even after years of consistent success!

8. What does being a raver mean to you?

For me, it means doing whatever I can to shine the light on this beautiful community. I want to eliminate the stigmas by focusing on everything the scene truly represents; most importantly, what the world so desperately needs to become.

9. Do you believe in rave to the grave or will there come a point for you where you’ll put this lifestyle and memories aside and move on?

Great question! Ever since I was in my mom’s womb, I would hear my dad blasting dance music. I feel that it’s a part of my literal DNA, haha. Although I will certainly not be attending each and every show moving forward, I know that I will consistently keep up with the lifestyle. I wish to continue to spread PLUR values, appreciate the artistry that goes into creating a track, help grow the community by sharing the positives of the industry and aiding in removing the stigmas that most believe to be so present in the scene…it’s so much more than just music! For those who wish to rave to the grave, I’ll catch you on the dancefloor at the nursing home!

10. How long do you think rave culture will be around for?

For however long Peace, Love, Unity and Respect will be around for…so, forever! Ravers have been given some of the greatest gifts on earth: these values and music. To me, there’s nothing more beautiful than that! We often take things for granted, these gifts included. I personally feel ravers have a responsibility to share these gifts with the rest of the world, or at least remind them of how special they truly are. Rave culture needs to translate into everyday life – it’s as simple as that.

I completely agree that Rave culture does need to be translated into everyday life. I always use to say if we could bottle the air and vibes we experience at these events, and somehow pour it on the rest of the world, the world would be a better place.

I cannot thank Brittany enough for taking the time to complete this interview it means the world to me!

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I love you all… MKQ out ☺


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