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Who is RaveTalks?

We are PLUR

Striving to keep festivals a safe space for all, RaveTalks podcast influences a standard for our PLUR community. In a salacious unfiltered “Girlfriends” style, we entertain by sharing tips and tricks through reliving rave experiences.

"In a gentle way, you can shake the world."
- Mahatma Ghandi
Who We Are

Music creates harmony that brings bliss to the world.

Welcome to Rave Talks! Let’s cut the crap. Raving is HARD WORK, and to play HARD we have to work harder right?! This podcast informs all walks of life on what is responsibly raving from simply attending events to being more behind the scenes. 

We were always taught, “if you see something, say something.” This bimonthly podcast hosted by BDE mimics that mantra and centers around overall well-being kind of like a digital rave mommy. By giving credit to all the people who make these experiences a beautiful safe space for us, we continue to spread PLUR and learn how to make it a lifestyle. Taking care of yourself is the start of taking care of the community.

If you’re reading this, just know you’re one of us now and are already apart of this fantastic community. If it weren’t for raving we wouldn’t be here. Literally! RaveTalks was created from our festival experiences. Almost every person apart of this team met thanks to raving. CRAZY. Lets continue to expand our tribe! There’s always room for love and happiness. We’re all worthy of it. So please comment and reach out to us! We want to get to know you and hear your beautiful and crazy raving experiences.

Fun fact

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Without music, life would not be fair.

Ravetalks is partnering to offer ‘verified’ rave influencers premier opportunities to talk about brands, events, products and services.  Attend the music festivals and events that you enjoy and get paid promoting the brands that you endorse.

the Ravetalks Media team attends many festivals for interview and promotional opportunities.  Inquire for more information and find out which festivals our team will be attending.

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